LMS Jubilee

Builders: Coleby/Simkins
Built: 1974/75
Wheel arrangement 4-6-0
Cylinders (3)

‘Victoria’ was originally started as a Greenley Royal Scot by an engineer living in Pentrich, Derbyshire, the tender and locomotive frames being completed by this owner. In 1971 the components were purchased by A. Allcock.

In 1973 ‘Victoria’ changed hands again when the parts were purchased by M. Froggatt who suggested that he would like to see the locomotive built as a ‘Jubilee’. This turned out to be a feasible proposition and after much modification, including the addition of the 3rd cylinder, the locomotive was completed and entered service in 1975.

The locomotive was subsequently purchased by John Gretton and, apart from a spell on the Suffolk Miniature Railway, and display at the Midlands Model Engineering Exhibition at Granby Halls, Leicester in October 1978, the locomotive has remained at Stapleford.